Teams manage design, build and test a rocket docking system

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
36 - Unlimited


Can your team save the universe…or at least launch a rocket? You and your comrades are stranded on an unstable planet within the Galaxy. It is your duty to design and build a safe 'Rocket Docking System.' Using the limited resources available to you, it is essential you stretch your knowledge to the max! Controlling the speed and flight of the rocket will ensure successful docking. But should your rocket fall short of the Station, you and your comrades will be destined to a life floating aimlessly in the Universe. Should you dock too quickly, it may cause your rocket to explode on impact. Be inventive. Be creative. Be original. Think slow, yet effective. Think safe, yet robust! The countdown has begun…10…

Learning Outcomes

In Flashmaster, teams employ creative thinking, ingenuity and innovation to design and create a rocket. They must communicate their ideas, be active listeners and keen collaborators. Effective team dynamics and project management skills are critical to build the rocket according to plan in the given time. Designed to get your teams thinking out of the box, working together under pressure, and creating success in the face of disaster, Flashmaster tests all the skills required for working as a winning team here on Earth.

Related Testimonial

Flashmaster was an excellent way of challenging our people's innovation, creativity and idea generation in a fictitious, light-hearted way. Tremendous fun was had by all!

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