Outdoor Team Building Activities

Positively effect health and well being increasing productivity, creativity and focus.

Outdoor team building has fantastic benefits for individual health and well being. It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves immune function. It boosts brain function and increases productivity, creativity and focus. For a group of people working outside enhances the collaborative, team bonding and good feelings of a team building activity.

Outdoor team building as we know it today has been influenced by several historical factors from Scouts to the Forest schools of Denmark. All these movements had an emphasis on informal learning, practical outdoor activities, and teamwork. Post war saw a dramatic rise in outdoor education. Right up until the 80's these generally took place in fixed locations like outdoor centers and training camps. However, in the 90’s Catalyst team building pioneered a new direction in outdoor team building through the creation of mobile outdoor team building challenges that could be facilitated at any location including conference venues or hotel grounds. Team building games like Breakthrough enabled corporate groups to experience outdoor 3-dimensional problem-solving exercises without having to travel to the wilderness or book an outdoor education center. Catalyst inspired a new vision and what was possible in the outdoor team building market and as a result today, there is a richer choice of activity and learning outcomes. Companies can now ensure their outdoor team building experiences feel relevant and meaningful.

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