Genworth help build a dream, one bicycle at a time

Published on Sep 10, 2019


Every year, Genworth seeks to strengthen different aspects of their company through Team Building activities. On this occasion, Genworth was interested in reinforce social responsibility values, both for the company and for its employees through teamwork. By delivering bicycles to children, the company sought to create human bonds and impact their employee’s feel of sensibility

Objectives in brief:

  • Strengthen collaboration and integration
  • Emphasize on social responsibility issues

Genworth give bicycles to children


Catalyst’s Building a Dream was the basis for a teamwork made-to-measure team building activity, by fulfilling the request of a social responsibility based activity.

Working with limited materials and time, participants had to think outside the box in order to complete the task. Teamwork was essential to overcome creativity locks and deadlines.

The challenges included:

  • Work with limited resources
  • Deliver results under pressure
  • Meet with quality standards


Even though the challenges intensified every time, the teams were able to finish their bicycles, while having an incredible time with their team members.

In the end, the delivery of the bicycles to children benefiting from this activity was the most rewarding part for the participants. For all that and more, the activity was a success.

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