Team Unity helped BAT “cracked the code”

Published on Feb 28, 2020


British American Tobacco it’s constantly looking for team building activities that utilize technological artifacts. Each time they collaborate with Catalyst México, they expect more efficient and extraordinary events. On this occasion, BAT wanted a team bonding activity that would be challenging and engaging focusing on developing leaders and strengthening their teamwork.

Objectives in brief:

  • Promote the “all together” work style
  • Wear the finance team shirt
  • Be responsible
  • Develop leaders


After overcoming communication barriers and having to recognize their teammates strengths, BAT teams were able to work as one. As the challenges passed, participants came out taking the lead of each of their teams.

On the day, teams had to collaborate all together while working against the clock. Breaking the communication barriers was key to overcoming the challenges of the activity. In a way, participants were obligated to “think outside the box” in order to crack the code.

The challenges included:

  • Working against time
  • Overcome communication barriers
  • Work quickly and agile
  • Go over the limits of their imagination
  • Be a team player


Beat the box was the perfect link to break the ice between the members of each team. At the end, everyone understood what being “Team Finance” stood for: working all together and being responsible of your activities”.

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