Autlan creates music to the rhythm of Boom Time Live

Published on Dec 10, 2019


With the aim of offering its employees a highly fun and out of the ordinary integration space, Autlan was interested in a teamwork activity that was far from the mainstream.

The idea was to carry out the activity during the company’s Christmas Party, as a way not only to make it more fun, but to motivate them for the start of the year.

The main focus of the activity was settled on collaboration, creative thinking and intuition.

Objectives in brief:

  • Teamwork
  • Integration as complete business unit

celebrating success together


With the application of Boom Time Live team building activity, the employees had to follow the rhythms that the application indicated, to go in unison with the group melody. In short, the participation of each collaborator was essential to achieve the group's objectives.

The challenges of the activity included:

  • Coordination
  • Overcome bashfulness

team building music activity


Overall, the activity was a success. The participants had an incredible time during their Christmas party. At all times, the employees were receptive to the objectives of the activity while they were enjoying themselves.

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