Commercial leaders break down silo mentality

Published on Feb 19, 2019


Commercial department leaders have a high-pressure role which is characterized by tight time frames and a packed agenda. As a result, the importance of collaborating with other commercial department leaders is too often forgotten. Diageo were seeking a team development program that would bring their commercial department leaders together and require them to collaborate and bond in order to be successful.

Objectives in Brief

  • Create an environment of peace and tranquility where assistants may share their ideas and goals to build the purpose of the team
  • Promote bonding and collaboration environment between participants
  • Break down silo mentality

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On the day the event kicked off with a networking activity Knowing Me Knowing You Work Styles. Participants considered their own work style by writing down their preference in answer to questions on a variety of topics. They then discussed this with other individuals in the group one by one. They then identified areas that would be easy to collaborate on and potential challenges they would have working together based on their varied work styles.

With work styles in mind, participants went on to discuss and define the vision and purpose of their specific team based on the core company values of Diageo. This activity culminated in them deciding on a team slogan.

Then, they divided into smaller teams each with a deliberate mix of work styles. On each team table was a metal box. Their challenge was to open the box and the cases inside within a limited time frame. The teams set about to apply problem solving and creative thinking skills to complete a succession of challenges and puzzles. The strengths of each individual became apparent as they progressed through the game.In the final stages teams realized that they would need to collaborate with each other in order to stop the count down and successfully complete the exercise. Through effective communication and collaboration, they were able to find the code and stop the count down with just 2 seconds to spare!

beat the box team dynamics and collaboration catalyst mexico


The day was an enormous success. Commercial department leaders were able to come to appreciate the work styles and specific strengths of others in the group. They bonded through shared memory and had fun together in a relaxed and informal environment. And most importantly they were reminded of the importance of collaboration in achieving the goals that they had decided on as a group.

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