Diamond Films works its negotiation skills with Trade Winds

Published on Feb 13, 2020


Although Diamond Films group had already lived the team building experience with Catalyst Colombia, this is the first time that it has been applied to its team in Mexico.

On this occasion, Diamond Films was looking for team linking activities, emotion management and proactivity from it’s collaborators.

team bonding activity mexico

Objectives in brief:

  • Teamwork and Integration
  • Emotion management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Be reactive to problems
  • Frustration Tolerance

team building business game


With the application of Catalyst’s Trade Winds activity, teams had to negotiate, trade and collaborate with other participants, in order to achieve success.

With patches, hats and scarves, teams sailed through a series of challenges to get the most out of their profits.

trading game mexico


Overall, the activity was a success. The participants had an incredibly fun time, while adopting their role as pirates. At all times, the teams showed a positive attitude towards the challenges and negotiations.

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