Go Team Heineken Team Building

A great team building day across generations.

Published on May 9, 2019


The client was interested in creating an environment where the collaborators feel free to work in teams age limitations or generational judgment.

Objectives in Brief

  • Cooperation
  • Team bonding across a generational divide
  • Eliminate workers forming generational groups

Networking activity Heineken


Participants first took part in networking activity, Knowing Me Knowing You. The activity started with individuals answering a range of questions related to their likes and hobbies. They were then instructed to join a team of with people from the same generation as themselves.

Once all participants whether a millennial, Gen X or Builder had found their group the activity continued. As a team they discussed what they felt their generations positives and negatives were in terms of skills and capabilities. Teams recorded their findings and presented them to all the teams. Other teams were given the opportunity to comment, giving their opinion on how they thought a generation could make improvements.

Then! It was time for Go Team. Go Team is a tablet based team building activity that can be used in a variety of formats. For Heineken, Catalyst Mexico designed an indoor activity. The template was customised with a range of bespoke challenges and company related questions.

Individuals were instructed which team they would work on in the Go Team exercise. The teams were by design a mix of people from different generations. Thereby, Baby Boomers had to work shoulder to shoulder with Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials to complete the Go Team challenges.

At the end of the Go Team activity, participants were invited to comment on their experience. They all said they enjoyed working together and could see the benefits of working with others from different generations to get a different perspective.


Overall the activity was a huge success. Through an experiential learning exercise where teams were mix generational by design, participants experienced working with others in a fun relaxed environment. The activities achieved the goal of promoting cooperation between people of different ages.

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